Vicmatronic (vicmatronic) wrote in i_hate_hens,

i'm new

hellooo, i'm new to this community, I have been looking for lee and herring scripts from TMWRNJ, they were on the lee and herring site but its not working, anyone else know where there might be some on the web, I had a look at a few sites but theres nout to be found....?
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That was the only real place that I knew of. Most sites (like Rich's own) usually just link to to it as a place to go.

I just tried a Google search and there do seem to be a few links which look promising but they all seem to have the same problem.

Oh, this is very bad indeed.

I do have the script of one show (the cress one) and most of the unused "Out and about with Rod Hull" scripts saved somewhere if you'd like those?

Not much but it's all I have.
There are some in previous entrys to things that werent performed, ...I think.

I'll have to have a look at those then. I may add anything I find (in a cut) on my PC.

More scrips, MORE!
I hope more people start to use this forum, I should update it more... Ideas?

I've found the "Out and about with Rod Hull" scripts so I could post those if the main L&H site is still down.

I'm also subscribed to both Leeeeeeee and the artist formerly known as Herring's (a joke from theor radio days there) newsletters so I could start posting those as and when they come in.

In fact, I'll post Lee's one as it contains a Radio...4, I think, broadcast of one of his routines. Possible Pea Green Boat.

What else is there?
There were reasonaly scary monsters, things that were never broadcasted, scripts never used.

I can always email mr Herring... He is a lovely chappy.
Wow that would be great if u could mail me the cress one, if its no too much trouble!

Many Thanks x
It's on it's way...